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Pooch Canada Pet Supplies, the trusted name in online pet supply products since 2001! From dog supplies such as dog toys and clothes to grooming supplies and dog training products, we have a huge selection of pet supplies at great prices. Do you take your beloved dog to the lake to enjoy boating or fishing? Why not get your best friend a life vest for his safety? We carry everything from dog collars and leashes to shampoo and conditioner! We have a wide variety of training aids, dog beds and crates, treats, vitamins and health supplements, sanitation supplies, carriers, raincoats, and more! We offer a low flat-rate shipping fee and encourage you to ask us questions so we can help fulfill your pet needs! While there are thousands of pet products available on the market today, we select only the highest quality items for our site and by buying in large quantities, we can pass the savings on to you!

Dog Apparel, Dog Clothes, Dog Coat, Dog Winter Jacket, Dog Vest
 Dog Coats & Vests
Reflective Dog Vest, Reflective Cuff
 Reflective Dog Vests & Cuffs
Dog Raincoat, Rain Jackets, Pet Raincoat, Poncho
 Dog Raincoats & Towels
Dog Boots, Dog Shoes. Dog Socks, Muttluk's Dog Boots, Dog Booties, Doggie Boots
 Dog Boots & Shoes
Dog Life Jacket, Dog Life Vest, Life Preserver
 Dog Life Vests
Dog Cooling Coat
 Dog Cooling Coats
Anti-Slip Dog Socks, Doggie Socks, Puppy Socks
 Dog Socks
Dog Boots, Dog Coats, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Dog Hats, Dog Caps
 Clearance Dog Apparel
Dog Caps, Dog Banadanas
 Dog Bandanas & Caps
Interactive, Puzzle Dog Toys
 Interactive Dog Toys
Plush Puppies - Egg Babies Dog Toys - Outward Hound
 Egg Babies Dog Toys
Plush  Dog Toys
 Plush Dog Toys
Squeaky Dog Toys
 Squeaky Dog Toys
Fleecy Tugs, Leather Tugs, Fleecy Squeaks Dog Toys
 Tug Dog Toys
Water Fun Dog Toys, Outdoor, Floatable Dog Toys
 Floatable Dog Toys
Dog Bike Basket, Dog Bicycle Baskets, Dog Bike Leash, Bike Attachments, Walky Dog
 Dog Bicycle Leashes/Baskets
Automobile Accessories for Dogs. Dog Ramps and  Stairs, Dog Seat Belts, Pet Booster Seats, Seat Covers.
 Pet Travel Accessories
Dog Safety Harness, Dog Seat Belts, Safety Gear
 Dog Safety Harnesses/Belts
Pet Travel Gear, Dog Backpack, Treat Bag, Food & Water Bowl
Pet Outdoor Gear/Safety Light
Pet Ramps and Stairs for Dogs
 Pet Ramps and Stairs
Dog Harnesses, Dog Couplers, Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness
 Dog Harnesses & Couplers
Dog Collar, Collars, Nylon Clip Collars
 Nylon Clip Dog Collars
Dog Training Collar, Collars, Specialty Dog Collars
 Dog Training Collars
Hound Dog Collar, Collars, Specialty Dog Collars
 Hound Dog Collars
Dog Leash, Leashes
 Nylon Dog Leashes
Specialty Dog Leashes
 Specialty Dog Leashes
Dog Muzzle, Soft fit muzzle, Short Snout Muzzle, Puppy Muzzle
 Dog Muzzles
Dog Training Supplies, Dog Training Accessories, Bark Collars, Clicker, Dog Agility Kit.
 Dog Training Accessories
Soft Dog Crate, Pet Tent, Doh Mobile Home, Pet Dome Crate
 Dog Crate/Tent & Accessories
Pet Carrier, Dog Carriers
 Pet Carriers
Pet Bowl, Pet Feeder, Dog Bowl, Elevated  Dog Bowl, Automatic Pet Feeder
 Dog Bowls & Feeders
Dog Beds, Pet Beds, Buckwheat Hulls
 Pet Beds
Dog Cleanup Bags, Dog Sanitation & Cleanup Supplies, Pee Post, Cage Waterer.
 Dog Sanitation Supplies
Professional Quality Pet Grooming Dryer
 Pet Dryers
Pet & dog grooming clippers & dryers
 Pet Clippers
Professional Pet Nail Grinder, Grooming Grinder
 Pet Nail Grinders
Nail Trimmer, Nail Clipper for Dogs
 Pet Nail Clippers
Grooming Comb and brush for Dogs
 Grooming Combs
Dog Grooming Brushes
 Grooming Brushes
Undercoat Rakes remove hair quickly and efficiently.
 Grooming Rakes
Paw Wax and Protection Products
 Paw and Nail Care
Vet's Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
 Dog Cologne & Deodorizer
Tropiclean Oxy Med Pet Shampoo, Treatment Rinse, Itch Relief Spray
 Oxy-Med Pet Shampoos
Vet's Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
 Vet's Best Dog Shampoos
Burt's Bees Nature Pet Care
 Burt's Bees
Pet Head Dog Shampoos - In 2007, Pet Head was created by Kyara Mascolo the original creator of Bed Head hair care products. The husband and wife team, Bruno & Kyara Mascolo, are the owners of Toni & Guy and former owners of TiGi Linea Inc. It was out of a love for animals that Kyara was inspired to create an edgy fashion-forward line of pet products. Expect the same high quality and fun personality that you’ve come to expect from previous professional product lines. All of the Pet Head dog shampoos & sprays are proudly made in the USA!
 Pet Head Dog Shampoos
SPA by TropiClean
 SPA by TropiClean
Wags and Wiggles Grooming Products
 Wags and Wiggles
TropiClean Pet Shampoo, Conditioner, Spray
 TropiClean Pet Shampoos
Toothpaste and Tooth Brushes for Dogs
 Dog Toothpastes & Brushes
Dental water Additives for Dogs
 Dog Dental Water Additives
Dental Spray, Dental Foam for Dogs
 Dog Dental Spray
Oral and Dental Care Kits for Dogs
 Dog Oral Care Kits
Dental Floss and Floss Balls for Dogs
 Dog Dental Floss
Dental Treats for Dogs
 Dog Dental Treats
Dog Treats - Jerky Chews, Soft Chews, Salmon Treats
 Dog Treats
Supplements, Vitamins and Remedies for Dog. Skin and Coat Care Products.
 Dog Vitamins & Supplements
Dog Eye Care and Ear Care, Lotion, Ointment and Spray
 Dog Eye & Ear Care
Pet First Aid Supplies, Pet First Aid Kit. Pet Wound Care Supplies
 Dog First Aid & Wound Care
Holiday Pet Gifts
 Dog Party Supplies
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